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Reeves Supply Company Pipes
Reeves Supply PVC Pipes

Reeves Supply's plumbing pipes are used in the  evaporative cooling systems for swine growing facilities, poultry barns, and greenhouses.

Part # Description
605-131455 PIPE, PVC, 0.75", SCHEDULE 80, GREY, 10FT LONG
605-131456A PIPE, PVC, 1.5", SCHEDULE 40, WHITE, 10FT LONG
605-131456B PIPE, PVC, 2.0", SCHEDULE 40, WHITE, 10FT LONG
605-131457 PIPE, PVC, 8.0", PIP, BELLED END, 10FT LONG
605-131458 PIPE, PVC, 10.0", PIP, BELLED END, 22FT LONG

Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm. See