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Inlet/Vent Doors

Reeves Supply Company Inlet/Vent Doors

European Sidewall Inlet/Vent Door
Heavy duty fiberglass shell and lightweight injected foam core with R-9 insulation Value prevents condensation.

Small Galvanized Inlet/Vent Doors
Fold out flap for winch connection. Equipped with door lock latches to keep doors closed.

Large Galvanized Inlet/Vent Door with Side Flaps
Sidewall doors with side deflectors to help direct air toward ceiling.

Our inlet doors and vent doors can be used with all the poultry facility, and hog barn evaporative cooling systems we offer, to bring fresh air into your building.

Inlet/Vent Doors
Part # Description
662-131830 DOOR, VENT, GALV, 7” X 42”, W/O FLAPS; ROUGH OPENING 7 ¼” X 42 ¼”
662-131831 DOOR, VENT, GALV, 8” X 45”, W/ FLAPS; ROUGH OPENING 8 ¼” X 45 ¼”
662-131832 DOOR, VENT, GALV, 12” X 48”, W/ FLAPS; ROUGH OPENING 12 ¼” X 48 ¼”
662-131833 DOOR, VENT, GALV, 7” X 58”, W/O FLAPS; ROUGH OPENING 7 ¼” X 58 ¼”
662-131835 DOOR, VENT, F/GLASS, 8" X 44"
662-131836 DOOR, VENT, F/GLASS, 11" X 44"
662-131837 DOOR, VENT, F/GLASS, 14" X 41"

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